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As part of the effort to examine the best career option for those pursuing an education in human resource, we have turned our ultimate attention to the most innovative human resource departments in high-end corporations in the world. We are also presenting this information by informing HR graduates about the outstanding potential futures employers in this industry.

During the past, HR departments focused on interviewing candidates and gathering employment applications. For a successful organization, the present HR department is the backbone. The 10 organizations below are leading the pack.

From the implementation of incentive programs for hardworking staff to the planning of strategic marketing decisions to recruit high-end employees, today’s human resource departments rely on creativity and innovation to keep the company on the edge of competition. Successful companies consider the human resource department as their business partners.

Here we take a keen look at the 10 distinguished companies coupled up with their efforts in HR.

1. Google, Inc.

From Mashable to Fortune, to Glass order, Google is consistently being ranked as the best firm in the universe. The people make it a better place to work. This company is more than just the Internet. However, the California headquarters offer a seven-acre piece of land to house three wellness centers, a sports complex, horseshoe pits, and an indoor roller hockey links. Google has the philosophy that you can attract the right talent with the right tools. For this reason, you will develop a happier group of employees to foster productivity. Its leadership is recognized worldwide for the HR efforts.

2. Cadbury

When it comes to managing people, the leader is Cadbury. While the company remains the second largest confectioner, Cadbury has earned an accolade for the HR because it puts its employees first. The company was founded in 1824, since then, it has maintained the R&D factories and worker village. These villages offer their staff a comfortable place to live with their families. The culture of the company provides a balance between life and work.

3. SAS

In 2014, SAS was ranked by the Fortune’s list as the best companies to work in the United States. The company levies its HR department with innovation and creativity. This is the reason why it was ranked as the leader in the industry. With the greenways that connect buildings, the company offers universities feel in the ground. Fitness and recreation facilities are found to offer time for employees to maintain their health. The company’s HR department is a pioneer in addressing daily concerns and stresses common in the workplace.

4. Nissan

Nissan is known for blending manufacturing techniques for the British with Japanese products. Kaizen is the philosophy that drives the company to empower the team of employees for productivity. When they choose their workers, the company implements the philosophy. For this reason, they recruit the best team of employees for skill and talent development. The company has an HR decision to offer transparent salary scales. Nissan, through their HR department, is the key to manufacturing and production success.

5. Twitter

Twitter has consistently appeared as one of the best places to work in the world in the technology industry. While the company has more than 1,000 employees, they are ranked as the best place to work. The innovative HR department of the company promotes a life-work balance. For this reason, the employees admire the culture of the company. They have also maintained a culture of authenticity, accessibility, and transparency.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been ranked by the Business Insider as one of the most desirable places employees want to work. It was ranked at 23 among the top 50 places to work in 2015. The HR innovation and creativity is what sets the company apart from its competitors. The motto of the company is to play and work hard. The HR department organizes a motivational day and parties for the employees. For this reason, the employees are encouraged to break the status quo.

7. Boston Consulting Group

The average training hours per year for the company are 100 for full-time salaries. You will also experience a maximum of 40 hours of training if you are an hourly employee. For rare companies of this kind, these training hours are paramount. It was ranked as one of the best places to work in the country by the Business Insider. Because of the HR training offered in the company, they have always succeeded in business.

8. Ford

When it comes to leadership and hiring structures, Ford is the company that broke deals. Henry Ford is considered as one of the best business leaders who ever lived. His beliefs and philosophies have trickled down the HR department. The company is recognized for the most proficient HR innovations. Communication is the key to success in the company.

9. Shell

The top-notch HR department at Shell plays a big role in the implementation and formation of strategies by pioneering international management strategies. The company’s HR as the capability to oversee and manage more than 90,000 employees in over 100 countries.

10. Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Company is known for apprenticeship and quality training. More than 30 managers in the company commenced their training at the junior levels of training. They have an innovative value chain and business model. Training is essential to out-stand business challenges. Rolls-Royce showcases evolution and transformation. For most of the apprentices, the remain to work in the company for the rest of their lives.